Router Passwords Router Default Usernames and Passwords.

List of common default usernames and passwords.

If you cannot log in to your router control panel, and you don’t know the default username and password, you can try these commonly used default usernames (first column) and default passwords (second column).

Note: [none] means the field should be left blank.

Most Common Router Default Usernames and Passwords.

  • admin / password
  • [none] / [none]
  • [none] / public
  • admin / [none]
  • admin / admin
  • user / password
  • username / password
  • [none] / admin
  • user / [none]
  • [none] / private
  • admin / pass
  • admin / michelangelo

If you still cannot log in, try resetting your router to its default factory settings, and try these password combinations again. We have also added a longer list on our homepage.

Otherwise, consult your manual or router manufacturer’s website to learn the default password and username for your particular model. Router Default Usernames and Passwords.

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